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    Press release from 10/28/19 | musicpark

    musicpark: Get involved!

    New music experience fair offers a wide range of entertaining workshops and areas to try out instruments

    Experience musical instruments - the new music experience event musicpark promises more than just an extensive selection of stages and live performances. From 1 to 3 November, music enthusiasts can get hands-on in various workshops and testing areas and discover their (new) favourite instrument first-hand. Whether in your first lessons in the PlayZones or in advanced workshops at the College & Academy - nobody will be bored at the musicpark.

    Finding the right instrument is not always easy. There are too many options and too many questions to answer, especially for beginners: Which instrument suits me? What do I need to be aware of when purchasing an instrument? Will I still like the sound after the first five notes? All these points can be clarified by talking to the right specialist dealer or music teacher, and by thoroughly trying out the instrument in question. However, it can be hard to find time to do this in day-to-day life. And when do you get the chance to speak to teachers and specialised instrument dealers at the same time?

    This is exactly what we offer at musicpark. You can admire and inspect a range of musical instruments across the six show floors and the exhibition area. We expressly encourage participation and experimentation at the music fair. There are introductory courses in the PlayZones, free testing in the Rooms of Doom, and professional tips at the College & Academy - and even a small acoustic stage for musicians to present their own music. There’s a place for everyone at the musicpark - from those new to music to professional musicians.

    PlayZones: The First Step to Finding the Right Instrument

    Guitar? Piano? Or more interested in drums? For beginners, the range of musical instruments on the market can be intimidating. Making the wrong choice of instrument can make learning an instrument frustrating and even make you want to give up. Visitors to the PlayZones can find the perfect instrument for them. In the testing zones, visitors can discover their passion for an instrument and very quickly learn basic techniques under professional guidance. Previous knowledge is not required. The budding musician only has to deal with the agony of choice: Ukulele, percussion, drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, recorder, french horn. If in doubt, you can try everything. The Early Music Education PlayZone in Hall 4 is also available for the little ones.

    Rooms of Doom and Test Boxes: Putting Instruments Through Their Paces

    The Rooms of Doom and the text boxes at the musicpark make it possible to play and try out instruments in a quiet room, without distraction. Musicians can freely let off steam on the selection of ready-to-play instruments in the Rooms of Doom. Already found the right instrument in the exhibition area? Then you can put the instrument to the test in the test room. We have a total of six test rooms to choose from: Room of Doom Drums, Room of Doom Amps, Room of Doom PA and the three Band & Orchestra test boxes.

    Open-Mic Stage: Open Stage for Future Stars

    Visitors who want to be in the spotlight can look forward to playing on the Open Mic stage. The "open stage" is open to any musician who wants to showcase their own songs, perform cover versions, jam together and of course to spontaneously create music with others. The Open Mic stage is equipped with vocal microphones, a digital piano, acoustic guitars, cajon and small monitors, so you can leave your own instruments at home.

    College & Academy: Learn from the Professionals

    Experienced and novice musicians can get tips from professionals in the "College & Academy” area. In lectures, expert panels and workshops, visitors can exchange ideas with renowned musicians, speakers and producers, and acquire and deepen their knowledge. Guitarists shouldn’t miss the daily Guitar & Pedal Workshop with Alex Beyrodt. The guitarist, composer and producer has been active as a session guitarist for over 20 years and has played on many recordings. Over the years he has played more than 1000 shows in over 25 countries.

    Those who don't want to make music themselves can enjoy performances from 350 international and national artists across the numerous stages. You can find the complete events programme at https://www.musicpark.de/agenda.

    Opening hours and prices

    musicpark opens its doors for the first time from November 1-3, from 10 am to 6 pm daily. Get your tickets at https://www.musicpark.de/en/tickets/.

    Press Contact

    PR Manager
    Ms Cäcilia Sauer
    Phone: +49 341 678 65 13
    E-Mail: c.sauer@leipziger-messe.de




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