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    Art in the atrium: Exhibition archive

    Foyerausstellung im Advent anlässlich 25 Jahre CADEAUX, 25 Jahre erzgebirgisches Kunsthandwerk auf der CADEAUX Leipzig

    "25 years of CADEAUX, 25 years of artisan craftwork from the Erzgebirge region at CADEAUX Leipzig"

    At the end of the year, the exhibition of Erzgebirge wood art bestowed the atrium of the Leipzig Fair a Christmas flair. (16.11.-17.12.2017)


    Norbert Becke - "ONLY HUMAN"

    The spectacular photographs document people and their lives from the most diverse regions of the world. Partly in black and white, partly with bright colours, the pictures catch the eye of the viewer. (30.08.-16.11.2018)

    25 Norbert Becke Mädchen aus Marrakech I Marokko 2010

    Norbert Becke

    The photo exhibition "HAUTNAH" ("UP CLOSE") by photographer and designer Norbert Becke shows expressive snapshots of different characters in large-format portraits.(13.09.-28.11.2013)


    Gerhard Hoffmann

    The painter Gerhard Hoffmann presented 25 art works in his exhibition "Traum und Maß II". (16.01.-17.03.2014)


    Elisabeth Howey

    The "Phantasmagorien" exhibition by Leipzig-based artist Elisabeth Howey converted the atrium of Leipziger Messe into a location full of evocative structures. (07.09. - 13.11.2017)

    Ivan Komárek

    Ivan Komárek

    The Czech painter, graphic artists and illustrator Ivan Komárek presented his impressive works in the atrium of the Messehaus. (30.09.-26.11.2015)


    Ronald Kötteritzsch

    Ronald Kötteritzsch presented 31 water colours under the title "Leipzig-Bilder – Reise-Bilder" in the atrium of Leipziger Messe. (2011, July - December)


    Edgar Leciejewski

    At "HORIZONT", Leipzig-based photographer Edgar Leciejewski presents 144 colour photographs of the sky, which are exhibited in the atrium of the Messehaus in a mosaic-like form. (10.2.-10.05.2016)



    The exhibition LIA TRACES shows works by artists from all around the world. Over 30 artworks from the five exhibition areas of paintings, graphic design, photography, animation and installation were on display. (01.09.2012 - 31.03.2013)

    MesseMomente - Fotoausstellung anlässlich 20 Jahre neues Messegelände


    Some of the most beautiful impressions from 20 years of the new fair grounds were exhibited to celebrate the anniversary in the "Messe Moments 2016" exhibition. (25.08.-14.11.2016)

    05 - Berit Mücke, Dämmerung, Tempera, Öl, Tusche/Lwd, 50 x 70 cm, 2014

    Berit Mücke

    Berit Mücke - studied at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts with Wolfram Ebersbach and Neo Rauch - exhibits her art as part of the Equilibrio exhibition. (26.02.-14.04.2015)

    15 – Dr.-Ing. Gabriele Neugebauer, Fotoprint auf Kapa Mount, 100 x 70 cm, Luzern/Schweiz, 2010

    Gabriele Neugebauer

    The element water is at the centre of the "Wunder Wasser Welt" (Wondrous Water World) photo exhibition. With her impressive photographs, Gabriele Neugebauer highlights the fundamental importance of this element to human life. (30.04.-17.06.2014)


    Reclam Verlag

    The trade fair stands of the Leipziger Reclam Verlage from 1945 to 1990. (2012, May - August)


    Kristina Schuldt

    Kristina Schuldt has presented her unusual works in Amsterdam, The Hague and Berlin. A selection of works shows the former student of Neo Rauch in the exhibition "Klemme" ("Squeeze"). (11.02.-6.04.2017)

    Anett Stuth, Feuer, c-print / Diasec, 120 x 100 cm, 2007

    Anett Stuth and Simon Rübesamen

    Exhibiton "SEIN SCHEIN NICHTSEIN": The interplay of different artworks from Anett Stuth and Simon Ruebesamen transforms the foyer of the convention centre into a free art space. (08.02.-27.05.2018)


    Julia Tomasi Müntz

    Leipzig-based artist Julia Tomasi Müntz presented 34 works at Leipziger Messe. (2012, February - April)



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