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    Modern, multi-functional, diverse: The five Leipziger Messe halls


    The Leipziger exhibition grounds feature five connected exhibition halls, each with a usable space of 20,500 square metres.

    Hall 1 (HALLE:EINS) - the high hall:


    With a ceiling height of 12 metres, and 16 metres in the middle of the hall, trade fair hall 1 is particularly well suited for high stand constructions and unusual stand architectures. Moreover, with a distance of 75 metres between columns, hall 1 also offers the ideal conditions for e.g. rock concerts, TV shows or sports events. It has a capacity of 15,000 visitors (standing) or 11,000 visitors (row seating).

    A highly flexible and mobile grandstand system - consisting of twelve grandstand blocks, each with 360 seats - can be used to create almost any conceivable stage variant.

    Additional details for hall 1 (HALLE:EINS) can be found here.

    Halls 2 to 5 - the flexible halls:


    Halls 2 to 5, with ceiling heights of eight metres, can be subdivided into several segments - a quarter, half or three-quarters of a hall. A distance of 37 metres between columns also allow for generous stand construction projects.

    Addition information on trade fair halls 2 to 5 can be found here.

    All trade fair halls are equipped with a modern underfloor system for technical media. They can be fully darkened, and the colour-neutral lighting is suitable for TV productions. Each hall contains access to the Leipziger Messe on-line information system. The halls feature sprinkler systems throughout, along with automatic fire alarm equipment. The decoupled block components of the mobile grandstand system can be moved into all halls and can be used on location.

    Transport logistics
    All halls feature vehicle access on the main floor using the hall doors, and can also be reached via special exhibitor access roads, independent of visitor traffic. Numerous doors and entrance routes, wide traffic zones between the halls and a perimeter guarantee optimum transport conditions for rapid construction and dismantling.

    The main visitor entrances - West, East and Hall 1 (HALLE:EINS)


    The Messesee (exhibition lake) leads to the West entrance at the front of the representative Glass Hall. The Glass Hall features an entrance and reception area with meeting point and magnolia grove (Magnolienhain).
    Its architectural counter piece is the East entrance hall, a cube with distinct columns and a flat roof. The idyllic Pocketpark is located between the East entrance and the Glass Hall. The Glass Hall, East entrance, trade fair halls and Congress Center Leipzig are connected with glazed bridges, and thus offer protection against weather conditions. Hall 1 (HALLE:EINS) can be accessed directly through a separate entrance during events.



    • Intec

      International trade fair for machine tools, manufacturing and automation

      03/02 - 03/05/2021
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    • therapie Leipzig

      Fachmesse mit Kongress für Therapie, Medizinische Rehabilitation und Prävention

      03/11 - 03/13/2021
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    • 03/27/2021
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      04/17 - 04/18/2021
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    • CosmeticBusiness

      International trade fair of the cosmetics supplying industry

      06/09 - 06/10/2021
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    • musicpark

      Experience. Music. Now.

      06/12 - 06/14/2021
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      08/06 - 08/15/2021
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    • efa

      Trade Fair for Electrical Engineering, Building Systems, Light and Energy

      09/21 - 09/23/2021
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      360° Panorama

      The exhibition grounds in a virtual tour.


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