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    Regional responsibility

    Leipziger Messe is aware of its traditional importance to the city of Leipzig, and actively assumes responsibility for the region.

    Juliane Haußmann

    For several years, Leipziger Messe has participated in a project that promotes young athletes in order to offer performance athletes in the region career and athletic perspectives. The pilot project "Dual Top Performance: Sports and Education" allows all partners to work together to develop a special educational plan that is aligned to the special training and competition schedules. This allows for a balance between sports and career, and young athletes are no longer forced to break off an often promising sports career. The success of this initiative became evident in January 2015, when Juliane Haußmann completed her training as office administrator at Leipziger Messe as the first athlete of the pilot project. Following her successful graduation, she is currently working in the area of finance, and the company will also provide her with flexible working hours in the future so she can continue to pursue her track and field career.

    As a training company, Leipziger Messe provides high-quality professional qualifications to young people. More than 130 apprentices have successfully graduated from the company since 1992. In addition to classic job training, the company also offers dual-track study places, including the fields of study trade fair, congress and event management, information technology and controlling.

    The company also actively and regularly participates in career orientation measures to recruit the right young talent. To this end, Leipziger Messe offers a diversified information platform to interested students - from nationwide promotions such as the "Girl's Day" and "Boy's Day" as well as the "Schau rein - Woche der offenen Unternehmen" to regional events such as the job board of the city of Leipzig and the "B.O.S.S. Initiative".

    Leipziger Messe has supported the JOBLINGE initiative since 2012. Joblinge gAG Leipzig was opened in 2012 as the country's fifth location, with the aim of providing unemployed youth in Leipzig and the surrounding area with employment and future perspectives. Companies in the region support youth under 25 years who have registered as searching for work and training with internships, training and work places or volunteer work performed by their employees, for example as mentors.

    Logo der Initiative V Faktor

    Subsequent to the sustainability efforts undertaken by Leipziger Messe, the company has also been supporting the responsibility initiative "V FAKTOR" as a project sponsor since 2013. This network of the Central German economy focuses on the exchange, development and communication of practical measures for sustainable and responsible business activities. The strategies that are developed, for example strategies for securing experts, assuming societal responsibility or the sustainable management of resources, are also designed to be communicated beyond the borders of the region - and thus strengthen Central Germany as a business location.

    The V FAKTOR project is a free programme that consists of five modules for companies in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia; it was initiated by the Central Germany European metropolitan region.



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      International Trade Show and World Congress

      10/27 - 10/30/2020
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      Europe's Leading Trade for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation

      11/05 - 11/07/2020
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      International Trade Fair for Museum and Exhibition Technology

      11/05 - 11/07/2020
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    • musicpark

      Experience. Music. Now.

      11/06 - 11/08/2020
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